Congratulations on selecting the gown, and thank you for getting one of our designs!!
   VWIDON atelier offers three rounds of fittings in-house to the bride who purchased her gown at our Chicago store at flat fee of $490.

   1st fitting is about three to four months prior to your wedding day;
   Please bring your wedding shoes and undergarment such as strapless bra or a bustier that you plan to wear on your wedding day. At first fitting,
   we pin for a perfect fit and length. 1st fitting takes about 45 minutes to 1 hours.

   2nd fitting is about a month from your wedding day;
   Please bring your wedding shoes and undergarment. Your gown is almost complete.
   At second fitting, we check everything. This will include checking the fit again for your (very likely) weight loss, an ease for sitting and the length for
   standing, walking (and dancing) so that you don't step on the hem on the day. Please feel free to discuss anything that you feel you should.
   Also, please bring the person who will help you to dress. We will teach her how to dress you and bustle the train.
   2nd fitting will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

   3rd/final fitting is about one week prior to your pick-up (or ship) date;
   Now the gown is completed. You can try your wedding gown one last time to make sure everything is perfect. We will of course take care of it,
   if there is anything to be taken care of at this point.

   for pick-up;
   Your gown will be pressed and packed carefully in a garment bag. We put a lot of tissue paper inside the garment bag for a good protection.
   When you store your gown before the wedding, we recommend you to take the gown out of the garment bag (but not from the clear bag inside
   unless it is at the wedding location waiting for the ceremony)and hang it as high as possible placing its train nicely. Pick-up is normally
   scheduled a few days before the wedding day.

   for shipping;
   We will ship your gown about 3 weeks before the wedding day. This way, you have your gown in your hand at least two weeks before your wedding.
   Please take your gown and all other items out as soon as receiving. There will be a garment bag, hanger and a brief care instruction sheet included.
   UPS ground shipping cost will range from $75 to $105 depending on where we ship to. We use 26" X 26" X 12" box.

   additional comment;
   As you may already have noticed, we let everyone take off their shoes inside our showroom. This will let us be able use any part of our showroom
   for your fitting, and let you walk around in your gown while keeping the hem / train of the gown as clean as possible. Thank you and your friends
   for the cooperation in advance.

   After wedding;
   Please refer to the care sheet that came with your gown for gown cleaning/restoration info. If you misplaced it, please ask us for more information.
   Our real wedding pages are so rich with inspring wedding photos and stories. Please send us your wedding photos or a link to your wedding pages
   so that we can share your beautiful wedding with other brides / brides-to-be.

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